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Ezov Restaurant Review (Austin)

Eastside Magazine in Austin offered me the opportunity to interview Chef Berty Richter over at Ezov, a Mediterranean restaurant that opened up in the former Pitchfork Pretty space on the eastside. I'd recently been there, as we are fans of the Emmer & Rye hospitality group who is behind the concept, and love to support our local culinary talent.

What I wasn't able to convey in the article, was how impressed I was with Chef Berty, his passion for bringing the food of his youth to Texas. A 500 word article just isn't enough to capture that energy. There was so much pride there, beyond the skill of him and his team around the food (which is really, really good). I saw this desire to overcome politics and break bread with people, to create something unique and welcoming to all through this restaurant concept. It was a delight to spend time learning about his youth, growing up cooking with the matriarchs of the family, and it was clear, that those early days are with him every single day when he's bringing unique dishes to guests.

Photo courtesy of Ezov website



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