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Here are a few examples of the custom projects we can work on together. Every artistic taste is different and every artistic need is different. Your walls at work or at home may require something unique, something we need to discuss and work on together. 

Office Screensavers

This office space felt frustrated by the generic screensavers that greeted visitors in their meeting rooms. They wanted something localized to Austin and had more of a custom feel, to bring a welcoming vibe to the space. We selected a few key photos from my library, had them custom sized to ensure no pixelation occurred and then worked with the IT guy to get them set up correctly. 


Home Travel Photos

This customer wanted to bring home the feel-good moments from their trip to Peru, they felt my photos were better than theirs (we were on the same excursions together), and we started with the blank wallspace they were targeting. We developed a few options for framing vs not framing and they landed on a classic gallery-style black frame with white matte border for two photos. 


Gritty Wall Art

It is possible to make edits to photos and change the mood of them, which was done for this customer, who loved the VW bug and wanted an enhanced version of it. We selected a heavy, black frame to bring out that gritty feeling and when you see the photo, because it was printed on canvas, with heavy saturation of colour, it almost looks painted. 

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