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Tanya's Two-Step to Fifteen!

Fifteen Years ago, I packed up my Mini and watched Toronto shrink in the rearview mirror, moving to Austin, Texas, thinking it would be for a year or two.


I fell in love with Austin: the creative spirit that shows itself in music and business captured my imagination and I discovered my inner Texan.

If you are reading this, then YOU are a part of this adventure! You have been invited to this celebration because you played a role in my getting to Texas and/ or you've been a contributor to my happiness here. It may be that you've played a big role, or maybe a small role, regardless, I want you to celebrate with me...what exactly? life and living!! 

I would love if you could join me! So bring your dance partner, or just come to listen to the music and catch up, I hope to see you there! (no RSVP required)

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western express photo_edited_edited.jpg

Where & When

Thursday, January 4th, 2024 starting at 5pm

The Coral Snake is in East Austin, there's some parking in the lot and otherwise, on the street. 

1910 E Cesar Chavez St, Austin, TX 78702

The Schedule

​Thursday, January 4, 2024

5pm Doors Open

5:15 Johann Wagner On Stage

6:00 Country Two-Step Lesson by Rick "the Upbeat Guy" 

7:00 The Western Express On Stage


A Few Details

  • The dance lesson is two-step and for any and every capability

  • Please tip the talent (our artists can always use more cash)

  • Taqueria Johnny Tacos truck is inside the Coral Snake

  • The Coral Snake will be closed b/w 5-7pm just for us. If you don't know the password to get in, well, you won't get in! It was included in my invitation to you **forgot the password? or did I forget someone? just let me know!

  • At 7pm, when the Western Express come on, we are opening the bar to the public - tell your friends, let's get dancers on the floor and tippers for the band!

  • First 50 tacos ordered and non-alcoholic drinks are on me

  • Bring your dance partner and come celebrate this incredible life in Austin that we get to live! 


Some Fun Stuff

  • Some of you may remember The Western Express from my 10 year party, they've developed their sound since then, "Flower of the Rio Grande" has gotten well-deserved recognition

  • My fav song by Johann is "Burning Time"

  • The dance instructor, Rick, ran a Fred Astaire dance studio for over 20 years, there isn't a dance he doesn't know how to teach! Check out his YouTube channel. (you might just recognize yours truly in there somewhere)

Austin festival


You know me, you know how to reach me! 

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